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Understand what customers think, experience, see and feel – optimize products and services

Get the free opiria app for Android and iOS

Direct download for Android

Mobile Survey

  • Questionnaire appears in opiria app with notification or by scanning the survey code

  • Users answer immediately

  • Results are aggregated and visualized live for immediate insights


Mobile Diary

  • Mobile ethnographics along all touchpoints of the customer journey with the opiria app

  • Immediate documentation of experiences in the moment of truth

  • Live overview of the diary of the complete customer journey


Real feedback from real people in real situations in real-time

  • The direct line to your customer – with the opiria app

    2 billion people have smartphones and are permanently online and accessible
    they answer your questions immediately and provide permanent feedback

  • Time efficient – get results in minutes

    gather results and insights 20 times faster
    design a survey in minutes and get answers and insights worldwide 24/7 in real-time

  • Cost efficient – the lab is in the customer’s pocket

    reduce the costs of a study by a factor of 20 or more
    and even save the cost for your market research lab because the lab is in your customer’s pocket

  • Anytime and worldwide

    create and distribute surveys 24/7 from any place worldwide!
    get feedback and insights from your customers anytime all around the globe

Let’s break the ice!

We’re happy to show you in a hands-on product demo via Skype how to use opiria to get real feedback from real people in real situations in real-time.


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Why opiria will revolutionize your mobile market research

  • The direct line to your customer – mobile and in real-time

    Your customers get informed about new surveys by notification in the opiria app and answer immediately worldwide round the clock.

  • Interactive multimedia questions

    opiria offers numerous different interactive question types which can be freely combined with pictures, audio and video.

  • Multimedia feedback from participants

    Your subjects can add text, pictures, audio and videos to their answer to provide even more precise feedback.

  • Powerful statistics and diagrams

    Our powerful statistics allows to filter, aggregate, combine and summarize gathered data. opiria offers numerous diagrams and charts to visualize your results

  • One platform for all survey types and channels

    opiria combines mobile surveys and diaries in one platform. Create your survey once and distribute it worldwide via all channels.

  • Filter subject database – for a precise target group selection

    Our subject database contains filter criteria that allow you to send surveys to a specific target group. You can even invite your own recruited subjects to a survey.

  • Invite any participants to a survey by text message

    Upload a list of cell phone numbers to opiria studio and send a personalized text message to your subjects to invite them to participate in a survey.

  • Highest level of data protection

    We know how important your data is. For that reason it is only transmitted with SSL encryption and stored on servers with highest security level.

  • Manage surveys – anytime and from anywhere

    Manage all your surveys with the web based opiria studio. You and your colleagues can access opiria 24/7 from any place in the world.

  • Immediate feedback in the moment of truth

    Capture the feedback of your customers instantaneously and without any delay in the moment of truth and get uninfluenced feedback in real live situations.

  • Results and statistics in real-time

    The answers of all surveys are sent to the opiria studio immediately. This allows to observe the feedbacks in real time and to visualize the results live in diagrams and charts.

  • Time and cost-efficient – run surveys quick and easy

    Create and distribute your survey within minutes in the opiria studio and get immediately live results and insights

  • Native opiria apps for iOS and Android

    Make use of the advantages of a native app like offline capability, send notifications, allow users to answer with multimedia and capture the GPS position of the answers.

  • Invite users by survey QR code

    Print the survey code on flyers, table displays or posters, integrate it in your website or send it via post mail or e-mail. Participants scan the code with the opiria app and answer the survey.

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