Mobile surveys

80% of all adults have a smartphone which they carry around anytime and anywhere.

Thereby you have a direct line to your customers through the opiria app. This allows you gather opinions and feedback from them everywhere and at any time in order to perfectly adjust your services and products to your cutomers needs and requirements.

Create surveys
Distribute surveys
Observe results
Analyze results


Create your surveys round the clock from anywhere in the world

Login to the opiria studio from any place in the world and create powerful surveys in an intuitive and fast way

  • Intuitive survey designer

    Our easy to use survey designer allows to create attractive surveys in as a short time span as possible

  • Numerous question types

    Choose from our numerous question types such as open question, yes/no, single choice, multiple choice, ranking, rating, rating smileys or matrix rating to create your survey.

  • Add multimedia

    You can add images to any of our numerous question types in order to find out how your customers like a new design or a new logo or to just make your surveys look better.

  • Select target group

    Filter criteria allow to define precisely which subjects from our subject database shall receive your survey. This allows you to specifically survey your target group.

  • Define duration of a survey

    Define if a survey shall stop when a certain date & time is reached or after a certain number of answers.

  • Define survey stop criteria

    Define if a survey shall stop automatically when a certain number of answers is reached

  • Enable multimedia responses

    Allow you users to add any kind of multimedia such as videos, audio and pictures to their answers to provide you even nore precise feedback.

  • Survey logic

    Define which questions have to be answered and which can be skipped and specify when your users have to explain their answers in more detail.


Use the numerous possibilities to invite your customers to a survey

Opiria offers the possibility to gather opinions and feedback from your customers whenever and wherever you want in order to better understand their needs and requirements

  • Push Notification

    Select the appropriate target group from the opiria database and send your survey with a push notification directly to the smartphone of your customers.

  • QR Code in digital media

    Integrate the survey QR Code in digital media like websites, newsletters, social media or apps: your customer scans the QR code and receives the survey immediately in the opiria app.

  • QR code printed on media

    Print the survey QR Code on print media such as flyers, table displays or posters. Your customer scans the QR code and receives the survey immediately in the opiria app.

  • Via mailings or email

    Send mailings or emails containing a QR code to your customers. They scan the QR code and receive the survey in the opiria app. If they don´t have opiria they get redirected to the app store to download it and then automatically receive the survey.


Observe live the answers of your customers and gather immediate insights

opiria studio allows you to observe the progress of your survey live and to see how many subjects already answered. The realtime dashboard shows results and trends in realtime and allows to get immediate insights

  • Immediate answers

    Users worldwide receive new surveys on their smartphones with a notification and answer 24/7 immediately all around the world.

  • GPS position, date and time

    GPS position, date and time get documented for every answer. This information can be used in the data analysis to take a closer look at regional differences.

  • No internet connection required

    Your subjects can answer your surveys even without having an internet connection. The answers will be sent  immediately as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

  • Enable multimedia answers

    Your subjects can add multimedia elements like text, pictures, audio and videos to their answers to give you even more precise feedback.

  • Observe progress

    The survey monitor allows you to perfectly observe the progress of your survey. You can for example observe live how many surveys were sent out and how many subjects did already answer.

  • Send reminders

    You can send reminders from the opiria studio with a specific title and notification body to your participant´s smartphones to make them respond even faster and more accurate.

  • Results and statistics in real-time

    The real-time dashboard shows live the results of your survey on diagrams and in statistics form. This allows you to make immediate decisions and take actions right away.


Understand the needs and requirements of your customers

Analyze the gathered data in great details and use the results to perfectly adjust your products and services to the needs and requirements of your customers

  • Aggregated results

    opiria studio aggregates automatically all responses of all participants worldwide and visualizes them on selectable charts and in table form.

  • Numerous visualizations

    Use the numerous available diagrams and visualizations such as columns, stacked columns or grouped columns as well as bars, stacked bars or grouped bars. Even define wether you want the results to be presented in absolute or percentage form.

  • Individual responses

    See exactly what each participant responded individually for each question and view the uploaded multimedia content like comments, pictures, audio and video.

  • Filter by participant groups

    Define different participant groups using filter criteria such as gender, age and country. Apply the defined participant groups to all responses to understand e.g. the difference between males and females.

  • Location-based analysis

    Our survey map shows you exactly the location of each response on a world map. This allows you to understand differences in opinions in different regions.

  • Data table with statistics

    The data table shows the exact numbers for each question type and comes with descriptive statistics across all participants such as average, percentage distribution and absolute count.

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