Our easy to use survey designer allows to create attractive surveys as fast and effortless as possible.

Design a whole study consisting several individual surveys (like mobile surveys, web surveys and mobile diaries) which can be sent to your customers at different times. Start for example with a questionnaire to measure the general attitude towards a specific topic followed by a daily opinion questionnaire as well as a final questionnaire.

Integrate any number of multimedia elements like videos and pictures. E.g. show your subjects a new product design or an advertisement video and receive immediate feedback.

Allow respondents to add any kind of multimedia such as videos, audio comments and pictures to their answers to provide you even more precise feedback.

Define which questions have to be answered and which can be skipped and specify when your users have to explain their answers in more detail.

Choose from our numerous question types such as single choice, open answer, rating, rating smileys, numeric slider, multiple choice, ranking, rating matrix, yes/no question, semantic slider or rating shapes and customize them to your specific needs.

The introduction screen is arguably the most important part of a great survey. Opiria lets you create an informative and engaging intro screen and set the right tone for the rest of the survey.

Define exactly when the survey shall be distributed and specify if a survey shall stop when a certain date & time is reached or after a certain number of answers.

Define how often a survey can be answered by the same respondent and specify the time delay between two answers.

Opiria Studio automatically aggregates all responses of all participants worldwide and visualizes them on selectable diagrams and in data tables.

Use the numerous diagrams and visualizations such as pie charts, columns, stacked columns or grouped columns as well as bars, stacked bars or grouped bars to display your results. Define whether you want the results to be presented in absolute or percentage form.

The data table shows the exact numbers for each question type and comes with descriptive statistics across all participants such as average, percentage distribution and absolute count.

The survey map shows the exact location of each response on a world map. This allows you to understand differences in opinions in different regions.

 Take a deep dive and see exactly what each participant responded individually for each question and view the uploaded multimedia content like videos, audio comments, pictures and text comments.

Notes allows you to add individual comments and notes to each given feedback. Notes can for example be used to provide an explanation for certain feedback and to better collaborate with other team members.

Tagging enables you to freely create tags and assign them to responses to group them. This allows for example to tag answers which should later be analyzed in more detail, handed over to other departments or to filter the responses in order to identify patterns.

Filter your results by given answers and tags and combine it with the filtering by participant groups to create various views of your data and to identify patterns.

Export all recorded and analyzed data with the click of a button directly to other software tools like Excel, SPSS or Matlab.